Warsaw Corporate Center

Name of the building: Warsaw Corporate Center
Location: Warsaw
Date of the project: from 2007

Warsaw Corporate Center is a 10-storey office building with an area of approx. 8700 sq. m. The ground floor is occupied by commercial and service premises. The building was built in 1993. It was one of the first prestigious office buildings in Poland. The facade is finished with glass, steel and granite which gives the building a modern, elegant character. The interior is filled with wood and marble elements.

Matex Controls conducts work related to technical maintenance of the building.

Scope of work:

  • maintenance of installations and devices in proper working condition – organizing, coordinating and supervising the periodical technical inspection of equipment and installations,
  • planning, organizing, coordinating of renovations and modernization work,
  • identifying the causes and preventing of threats before they occur.
  • current removal of failures,
  • improving the quality of the facility operation – introducing the facilities in the building within the required standards, recommending changes and ways to reduce costs,
  • communication with tenants on matters of technical facility maintenance,
  • setting along with facility manager budget plans for the facility,
  • monitoring and maintaining all technical and formal-legal documentation for a building,
  • maintaining proper cooperation with state administration and local government,
  • coordination, quality control and the receipt of work performed by external companies.

Since becoming technical support of the building, Matex Controls executed a number of repairs and modernization of the equipment and complete installation:

  • modernization of BMS (Building Management System)
  • replacement of automation control distribution,
  • modernization of automation heating and cooling technology system,
  • progressive replacement of double-decker electrical switchgear,
  • modernization of water treatment station with the automation,
  • replacement of exhaust fans living on selected floors,
  • replacement of TRAFO transformer stations fans,
  • replacement of fire dampers on the ducts,
  • progressive replacement of automation instrumentation (including actuators, valves, sensors for temperature, humidity, pressure, digital controllers VMA)
  • replacement of humidifiers on selected floors,
  • replacement of air handling units insulation,
  • dry cleaning of central heating,
  • cleaning sewers,
  • air handling units and ventilation ducts cleaning.
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Duration of the project

From 2007


8700 sq. m

Number of co-tenants

over 40