Cybernetyki Office Center

Name of the building: Cybernetyki Office Center
Location: Warsaw, Cybernetyki 21
Date of the project: from January to April 2015

The Cybernetyki office building is a six-storey building, which was built in the Mokotów Distict in Warsaw. The construction of Cybernetics Office Center came to an end in 2002. The total area of the office building is 7400 square meters, of which the largest part is office spaces of about 6500 sq m.

Scope of work:
Modernisation of the water coolers and rooms air conditioning .The creation of the automation system and BMS.

Scope of implementation:

  • Overview of the under windows fan coil units, installation of valves, replacement of defective parts of installation,
  • Execution of chilled water and process heat regulation,
  • Replacement of the chiller,
  • Modernization of chilled water junction,
  • Replacement of chilled water circulation pumps,
  • The installation of priority valves for plumbing,
  • Adjust the water supply to the requirements of fire prevention,
  • Installation and start of room automation that supports fan coil units,
  • Delivery, programming and startup of control cabinets which control the chilled water engine,
  • Create and configure a complete BMS system (963. Trend Controls manufacturer) including upgrading of HVAC system,

• Optimization of energy consumption by the individual systems.

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No of office work brakes


Power of installed chiller

548 kW

New BMS Trend Controls system