Pediatric Hospital Medical University Of Warsaw

Name of the building: Pediatric Hospital Medical University Of Warsaw
Location: Warsaw, Żwirki i Wigury 63A
Date of the project: from August 2015 to September 2015

Pediatric Hospital (owner: Medical University of Warsaw, member Independent Public Children’s Hospital), on Żwirki i Wigury 63A street, is the new headquarters of subsidiary hospital, coming from Działdowska and Litewska streets. First transferred hospital wards have been launched on 21th of September 2015.

Building has 6 storeys above ground and 2 underground. The total usable area is approx. 40 000 sq m and the total area of approx. 97 000 sq m. Building serves as a highly specialized health care and educational facility for Medical University of Warsaw. Numerous cathedral, clinics and factories have a total about 530 beds for patients. The building has a heliport for air rescue on the roof and a multi-level parking for over 400 vehicles.

Scope of work:

  1. Performing the ongoing maintenance and ensure a full safety of installations’ systems and hospital technical infrastructure, including
  • ensuring that round the clock’s aid of technical staff,
  • monitoring of the technical infrastructure, including support of computer systems, BMS, SAP, KD, SSWiN, CCTV,
  • perform periodic checks of equipment and sanitary, electrical and telecommunication installations devices,
  • identifying and recording failures of individual components and technical installations,
  • receiving and responding to fault messages from the user, making emergency repairs,
  • developing and implementing Book of Controls Records for various technical installations.
  • development and implementation of the Periodic Inspections Protocols (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • developing the necessary statement of supplies.


  1. Providing of technical advisory services, providing technical support and consultative assistance in the exploitation of the Hospital building.

Installations’ scope of work: installation of ventilation and air conditioning systems, installation of water supply and sewage systems, installation of medical gases, fire protection: hydrant, sprinkler, gas, installations of central heating and proces heat, heat distribution centre, oil boiler room, installation of chilled water, freon for air conditioning, reducing gas station, utilities connections (heat, gas, water and sewerage systems), electrical (including switching electric main and bunk, transformers, distribution of medical rooms , generators, UPS, lighting, etc.) systems: FAS, AD, BMS, IDS, CCTV, detection of CO and LPG detection of natural gas.

Interesting facts:
– Air-conditioning centrals amount- 144
– Electrical cabinets amount: 195
– Amount of controllers: 981

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Duration of the project

2 months


97 000 sq m

Air-conditioning centrals amount