Ushio – our new business partner

Our most innovative VEMS (Virtual Energy Management System) is now available also in America. All thanks to Matex Controls cooperation with Ushio America.

Unique platform VEMS was created in order to save energy using fully automated software. Our solution allows enegy savings in terms of the key installations  such as air conditioning, ventilation and heating. Ushio America is a leading lamps‘ manufacturer in the cinema industry in America, while Matex Controls has extensive experience in energy saving in cinema buildings in Poland. Our new partner Ushio will give us the opportunity to present our product and to introduce this innovative solution to the American cinema market.

“We are very happy to bring this unique solution to our cinema customers. There is no cost to exhibitors to start immediate savings on costly energy bills, it’s that simple. Being more productive while using less energy has never been a greater imperative” comments Darek Gilczynski – Director of Sales for Ushio America’s Cinema Business Unit.

“Our partnership with Ushio America opens new and unique ways for efficiency and energy cost optimization for the cinema industry. I’m very glad to work with Ushio America.” – says Marcin Michalski, President of Matex Controls.

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